A little north of Bergen we find Fedje. With the departure from Bergen we go northward between Halsnøy and Radøy. We then pass the islets and reefs on the north side of Radoy heading toward Fedje.

During the tour we get close to the islands and passages that will get the enthusiasm to rise several notches. Bring your camera! On Fedje we have the opportunity to visit FAB.8 which is nicely situated with its own quay. It serves lunch / dinner all year. (booking required)

This trip also offers the possibility of visits to Norway’s westernmost microbrewery ; Northern & Co. located a stone’s throw from FAB.8. “Northern & Co. is also one of the destinations in Ølhopping!”

Duration: 2 hours.



7.5 nautical mil from the center of Bergen, idyllically located on the waterfront, we find Cornelius Seafood Restaurant. Cornelius was started in 2003 by seafood enthusiasts Alf Roald Sætre and Odd Einar Tufteland. The two had a common idea of creating a restaurant concept with unique seafood experiences. An offer that no one else had.

We are proud to be able to offer unique experiences together with the team at Cornelius.

Rafting tour, sea safari or adrenalinerushed transport by the edge of the sea and out to the islet, is perfect in combination with a unique experience at Cornelius. We recommend Alf Roald’s famous shellfish lecture with tastings of fresh ingredients or their acclaimed meteorological menu. The lecture is offered to kr. 775, – per person. The price includes one hour RIB driving.

Or what about shellfish courses ? An informal and tasty team building activity. A relaxed but informative experience where you together with the chefs prepare a shellfish tower, which afterwards are enjoyed as an appetizer.

We also provide direct transport from the center of Bergen to Cornelius on request.



On the border between the fjords and the sea, in the southern tip of Sotra, we find beautiful Glesvær and Glesvær Kafe. Team-building, outings or other events? If you are looking for a pleasant and a bit special location for your event, Glesvær Kafe is the place to go. It offers gatherings for groups from 2 to 65 people, in pleasant and historic premises at the old trading place Glesvær.
The cafe is open all year around, and are serving by appointment based on the number of persons. On the menu is, among other things, salmon, crab, mussels or fish soup and other dishes a company may wish for. Here you also get espresso and cappuccino, fresh bread from their own bakery and the cafe can serve a variety of beer, wine and spirits.

When visiting Glesvær it is also possible to make the trip to Marstein lighthouse.



Herdla is an island on the northern tip of Askøy, which lies just west of Bergen. The 1.6 square-kilometer island has the richest birdlife area in Hordaland with 224 registered bird species until 2003. The distinctive and productive sea and wetland area of ​​Herdla led to an area of ​​1.3 square-kilometer being conserved in 1985, and is part of the 3.1 square kilometers nature reserve that encompasses the Herdlevalen and its beaches. The nature reserve helps to make Herdla an important destination. A great introduction to the war story on the trip? Herdla was a vital place during World War II, and today there are old torpedo batteries that are found a short walk from the pier. During WWII, the German occupying power built both the airport and the fortress at Herdla that we will guide you through.